Hospital São Gonçalo de Lagos

The Hospital São Gonçalo in Lagos offers you a set of quality health care. Here you will find a group of dedicated professionals, capable of responding to the most varied health care needs and always available to assist you.

Situated in a privileged location in Lagos, this unit offers you a team of experienced medical professionals, as well as the most advanced technological equipment and a 13 year experience in health care.

We provide medical services in both medical and surgical areas, to inpatients and outpatients, Specialist Consultations and complementary diagnostic examinations and treatment. Our 24/7 Permanent Medical Care Unit has a Permanent Observation Room and treatment rooms, with complementary means of diagnosis (laboratory and imagiological examinations), supported by the main Medical and Surgical Specialties.

You can always count on us and our dedication, whether it is through the assistance of our medical specialists, telephone assistance or online services which allow you to manage your appointments and exams.


Opening Hours

24 hours a day



Av. Dom Sebastião 129 8600-502 Lagos