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Monitoring during pregnancy

In order for future parents to always feel comfortable and confident during their pregnancy, we offer the following services:


Maternal and Obstetric Health Consultations


Parenting Symposiums 

Maternal and Obstetric Health Consultations


Maternal Health consultations are available at the HPM for guidance and information, to allay any doubts that may occur during pregnancy, promoting maternal-fetal wellbeing.

To book, contact our Call Center and schedule your appointment: 291 003 300



Several workshops are available monthly, promoting maternal-fetal wellbeing, which include maternal relaxation and strengthening the couple's attachment to their future baby. 

  • 17 de Fevereiro, das 18H às 19,30H, na sala de conferências do HPM
  • Tema: “Venha conhecer o Desenvolvimento Embrionários do seu Bebé”
  • Palestrante Enf.º David Sousa

Consult the HPM Maternity Activity Schedule email: maternidadehpm@grupohpa.com

Parenting Symposiums 


These meetings take place throughout the year, where Obstetricians, Pediatricians, Anesthetists, Specialist Nurses in Maternal Health and other professionals discuss themes all dealing with  a healthy pregnancy and postpartum period.

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