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Wellbeing after delivery

Giving birth is a special moment, establishing a relationship with a real baby compared to an imaginary baby, as well as the acceptance of a new role as parents. This period of adaptation needs monitoring, to overcome fears, doubts and discomforts.

The mother’s recovery and wellbeing is important, and the prenatal course NASCER will promote physical and psychological benefits to moms and babies.

We develop recovery courses through yoga, hypopressive recovery, water aerobics specifically for a postpartum recovery and baby massage.

The courses are held twice a week. For more information and to experience a free postpartum recovery class, contact us on email: maternidadehpm@grupohpa.com



If you started practicing yoga before childbirth, you will definitely want to continue after the baby is born. If you decided to choose practicing yoga after the birth of the baby, you will not only have chosen a very complete physical exercise, but you will also acquire an inner wellbeing that will benefit you in your most important role; that of being a mother.

One of the differences between prepartum yoga and postpartum yoga are the different exercises which include rocking the baby.

Hypopressive Recovery

Hypopressive Recovery has been gaining more and more followers, due to the results and benefits it provides. Based on postural and breathing exercises, it helps to reduce diastasis, in toning the pelvic floor muscles, preventing conditions such as urinary incontinence and pelvic prolapse.

Hypopressive abdominal strengthening also provides a quick recovery of the body silhouette.

Postpartum Water Aerobics Recovery

Water aerobics is a multi-benefit activity at any stage of a woman's life.

The physical properties of water and a good exercise program will help during this phase to reduce edema and regulate weight. In addition, relaxation and stretching are facilitated in a liquid environment

Baby Massage 

Any massage technique offers physiological benefits of undeniable value. In the case of baby massage, we should also consider other very important aspects, such as trust, security and parent/baby bonding.

The different baby massage techniques permit:

  • sensorimotor stimulation, including language development
  • relief from some discomforts such as cramps, gas, teething discomfort
  • cognitive and emotional stimulation
  • global relaxation, which can be observed by the quality of sleep and muscle tone.

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