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Pregnancy and Well-Being 

Well-being during pregnancy includes the option of several activities and lifestyles, including physical activity.

Talk to your doctor on the various types of exercises which you can practice.

These are our suggestions:



Prenatal yoga during all stages of pregnancy ensures body and mind balance, developing a safe and relaxing physical activity during pregnancy.

Exercises on posture, breathing, relaxation and meditation are available, inspired by a careful selection of the most appropriate exercises which can be performed during the various stages of pregnancy, considering benefits and safety, always respecting the characteristics and objectives of each future mom.

Yoga for pregnant women provides body and mind awareness, improving flexibility, endurance and breathing. 

Water Aerobics

The physical exercises practiced in water aerobics strengthen abdominal and pelvic floor muscles as well as the perineum, all important during delivery. Promotes lymphatic drainage, reduces joint and muscle pain resulting from pregnancy.

Water aerobics for pregnant women provides body awareness and favors the couple's complicity.


Pilates during pregnancy strengthens and tones all body muscles, preparing them for childbirth.

With the acquired muscle strengthening and firmness, the pregnant woman tends to experience a decrease in back pain and improve blood circulation, flexibility and normal daily activities.

Course Instructors 

Nurses, Specialist in Maternal and Obstetric Health and other professionals.


The cost of the course will depend on the type of course couples prefer. For further information and to participate in a cost free Prenatal Class  NASCER, contact us on e-mail:  maternidadehpm@grupohpa.com


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