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Baby Massage


 This technique creates a unique moment between parents and baby.

Babies are born talking. They speak with their eyes, gestures, body, cries, smiles and the attention we dote on them”

(Sa, 2003).

Through baby massage techniques, parents help their baby integrate the environment around him. Through positive and negative signals babies learn to increase confidence, security and understanding of how his parents feel towards him.

Through baby  massage, parents promote communication through touch transmitting  love to their baby.

Various techniques are available in this course, Indian, Swedish, Yoga and reflexology, ancient arts where hands and heart influence the body, mind and spirit of those who benefit from them.

What to bring: Comfortable clothes

It is possible to be carried out at home.


Benefits for the baby

  • INTERACTION: promotes bonding; offers quality time spent between parents and baby;  verbal and non-verbal communication develops communication skills; relationships of empathy are created; respect, tolerance; mutual understanding;
  • STIMULATION: of the various organic systems; develops language; improves learning ability;
  • RELIEF:  pain relief  caused by several factors, cramps and other intestinal problems, relieves muscle tension, teething discomfort softens the skin;


Benefits for the parents 

  • Better understanding of the baby regarding positive and negative signs;
  • Promotes  bonding;
  • Promotes trust, self-esteem and respect;
  • Provides quality time between the parents;
  • Provides relaxation;
  • Permits sharing experiences with other parents.


Benefits for the family

  • Permits the involvement of siblings and the rest of the family;
  • Promotes respect;
  • provides a moment of relaxation.


Benefits for the society

  • Increases respect and empathy;
  • Increases the positive touch;
  • Promotes a healthier society.


“ Caresses, skin-to skin contact, massage, all feed the baby. It is a necessary nutrient, like minerals, vitamins and protein”

Frederick Leboyer (2005) quoted by Schneider (2002)


Baby Massage Instructor – Qualified by the International Association of Baby Massage


Frequency:  Weekly

Hospital Particular do Algarve - Gambelas (Faro): Tuesdays at  17:30