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“Fit” - Fitness for Pregnant Women


The practice of regular physical exercise is important for everyone’s  well-being.

In pregnancy, both the future mother and baby can enjoy the numerous advantages which a targeted exercise program can offer.

Practicing regular targeted physical exercise during pregnancy, promotes all-round well-being, stabilizes moods,  which in pregnancy can fluctuate, allows the woman to adapt more easily to the changes that pregnancy causes to her body as well as to manage a healthy weight gain, reduces leg swelling and improves posture and back pain.

It reduces the risk of conditions associated with pregnancy and complications.

All the strength and endurance gained from regular physical activity is an asset at the time of childbirth.

There are however situations in pregnancy that physical activity is not recommended. Advice should be sought from  the obstetrician as to which  activity best suits your needs.

The muscular strengthening exercises mainly affect the postural muscles and are more predisposed to algias during pregnancy.


Classes consist of aerobic exercises specifically for pregnant women, respiratory, stretching and relaxation exercises.

Aerobic exercises help to control weight gain.

Muscle  strengthening exercises mainly affect muscles that control posture,  the cause of back pain during pregnancy.

  • Group Classes for pregnant women
  • Individual classes with a personal trainer specializing in physical exercises for pregnant women

Frequency: 2x a week

Times: flexible


Pilates is both physical and mental training.

It is different from other types of gymnastics as it works the postural muscles, creating strength from the inside out, develops stability, rebalances the body and corrects postural alignment.

Balance, concentration, posture and abdominal and back strength are developed.  It also works the diaphragm and lateral breathing.

Pilates exercises are beneficial both during pregnancy and in the postpartum phase, as it works parts of the body which are vital in both phases.

Frequency: 2 to 3 times a week with a duration of 1 hour

Instructors:  Physical Education Teacher, Master of Winsor Pilates and  and special education at Pilates Institute London.  


Yoga will enable you to prevent and / or solve the most common disharmonies present in pregnancy (both physical, physiological, emotional and spiritual aspects) promoting a healthy and enriching experience in the first stages of pregnancy.

Frequency:  Once a week

Duration: 90 minutes