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Fitness for Mothers


After the birth of the baby it is time for the mother to adapt to the new baby, everything is new, with new fears and adventure.   All  mothers live this phase of their lives  in a very intense way and each baby represents a unique challenge.

The main purpose of the “Mamas Fit”  program is to keep both mind and body healthy in order to allow the new mother to enjoy  the growth and development stages of her baby in a healthy way.

Post-Partum Recuperation  Lessons

Bring your baby!

In these classes  promote bonding with their baby, and the localized exercises work the  most affected areas during pregnancy and childbirth.

The practice of Physical Exercise is the best investment you can make for your well-being and, consequently, for your child.

Regaining your shape, reducing weight to what it used to be, would be extraordinary and is a possibility.

Whether you are breastfeeding or not it is healthy to practice physical exercise!

We all know that6 looking after a baby is not an easy task! However, for the mother’s wellbeing it is important to resume a physical exercise routine.

Instructor: Physical Exercise Teacher qualified in Physical Exercise and Sports.

Intended for: All mothers in the post-partum stage (after the 4th week normal birth or after the 5th week cesarean section)

What to bring: Comfortable / sports clothes. 

Duration: 6 Months – 2  X   week

Time: Flexible

Sessions "Informed Mothers, Happy Babies"

In these sessions you will find specialized support, together with other mothers where experiences can be shared.

Share emotions and anxiety in this very important period in the life of the mother and baby.

Bring the baby and learn to live this period with tranquility and confidence!

Issues addressed:
  • Baby’s Sleep;
  • Family Routines;
  • Games and activities;
  • Expectations relating to motherhood;
  • Doubts and anxieties.

Instructor:  Dr Teresa Sousa, Psychologist, Speach Therapist and Specialist in Baby Sleep Patterns.

Intended for:  All mothers with babies from 0 to 12 months.

Duration:  Weekly session – duration 1 hour