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Quality Control Certification

Efficiency and assurance of the results of the HPA Group are certified by accrediting bodies of worldwide reference. This accreditation places  the Algarve as one of the most competitive and promising regions in the world as a health tourism destination, surpassing more developed countries which are international references in medicine.

The Hospital Particular do Algarve Group (HPA) has implemented an Integrated Management System for Quality and Environment, in its Hospitals in Faro and Alvor, as well as at the Clinica Particular – AlgarveShopping in Albufeira, according to the references NP EN ISO 9001 and NP EN ISO 14001.


Emphasis on Quality

As  the quality of services provided  has always been a priority, the HPA has received  a Quality Accreditation in 2007, Certificate nº NP EN ISO 9001 issued by SGS - Societe General Surveillance SA.

In 2010 the Quality Certification for Alvor Hospital was renewed and certification procedures were implemented in the  Faro Hospital.
Both units are also Environment Quality  Certified by 14001 Standard, obtained in 2012.

The attribution of this certification is evidence that the Hospital Particular do Algarve is committed in providing the highest possible standards to our patients.

The Hospital Particular do Algarve and all its employees are conscious that this  certification essentially represents continual improvement program  in the services provided by Hospital Particular do Algarve, in order to meet the needs and expectations of all our customers, partners and Suppliers.


The Fundamental Principles of Our Quality Control Policy are:

To fulfill the needs and expectations of our customers, suppliers and employees

... complying with set procedures,  to respect and value the needs of clients, colleagues and suppliers, complying with legal requirements and legislation.

... providing health care to the client, respecting their legitimate rights and expectations in order to contribute to their well-being and gain their trust.

... providing clients with accurate information   in a courteous and efficient manner, while maintaining total confidentiality.


Satisfaction and motivation of all employees

... promoting continuous training for all professionals, to stimulate and motivate  all staff to be fully skilled in the latest techniques in order to carry out their duties to the best of their ability.

... promoting awareness of Quality Standards, assist in their implementation and ensure that the  policy is carried out and that objectives are met.

... recognizing and valuing the contribution and diversity of individuals promoting  teamwork in order to achieve the  best  results.

... ensuring constant improvement by providing the necessary  working conditions and appropriate technical means.


Continuous improvement of the quality of services provided

... continually improving the effectiveness of the Quality Management System (QMS), establishing strategies for development and optimization of services and periodically reviewing the QMS in search of opportunities for improvement.


Quality Objectives

The objectives consistent with a Policy of Quality are defined by Management annually.

The objectives are regularly monitored by the Quality Assessments.



Health Units:

Hospital Particular do Algarve​ - Alvor

Hospital Particular do Algarve - Faro

Clínica Particular do Algarve - Guia



Providing Healthcare Services both Medical and Surgical in the following areas:  Emergency with Permanent Observation (OR); Operating Theatre; Out-Patient Facilities for both General Practice and Specialties;  including In-Patient Facilities; High Dependency Unit, Intensive Care Unit, Maternity, Physiotherapy, Pathology Laboratory, Imagiology Department , Endoscopy , Complementary Diagnostic Examinations, in Cardiology and  Neurology, Respiratory Function Tests.



The HPA Health Group was Ranked Top of the Rank for Excellence by the Entidade Reguladora da Saúde

The national health evaluation system “Sistema Nacional de Avaliação em Saude” (SINAS), governed by the National Health Board the  “Entidade Reguladora da Saude” (ERS)is a global quality control monitoring system for hospitals.  During the 2nd annual review 163 hospitals  were evaluated and the results became known on the 29th of December last.   The Alvor and Gambelas Hospitals were both awarded top ranking evaluations in all 5 categories subject to review.

The five categories under review were Clinical Excellence, Patient Safety, Comfort and Adaptability of the Facilities, Patient Focused and Patient Satisfaction.



This multidimensional evaluation system is carried out on two levels.  On the 1st Level, compliance with the criteria that the ERS considers to be essential when providing quality health care, proven by analysis of various framework indicators of the organization. Compliance with these criteria corresponds to the award of one star, which then allows access to the 2nd level of assessment. On this level Patient Safety, Comfort and Adaptability of the Facilities and Patient Focus, both our hospitals were individually awarded top ratings.

We wish to congratulate all those involved, including our patients who prove their loyalty on a daily basis, challenging us to continue on the path of excellence.