Dentistry is the field of Dental Medicine responsible for aesthetics and the restoration of fractured and carried teeth. 

Materials that replace lost tooth structures are uses to restore carried teeth.

The most common types of treatment performed in Dentistry are:

  • Carried teeth restoration;
  • Broken teeth restoration;
  • Replacement of old, damaged restorations or infiltrations;
  • Replacement of old unattractive amalgam fillings;
  • Minimizing gaps between the teeth (diastema);
  • Changes in tooth morphology and/or positioning;
  • Even/harmonious smile;
  • Simulation of the final result, before treatment. 

Welcome to our PROGRAMA SORRIA +

The HPA Health Group is promoting Oral Health with "Programa Sorria+” implemented in October last, in two of its Clinics, Vilamoura and Vila Real de Santo António.

This programme will give you a full Check-Up of your oral health and will subsequently provide you with information on the necessary treatment as well as a financial plan option.