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Clínica Particular de Vila Nova de Milfontes and CLÍDIS increase their medical services

The Private Clinic of Vila Nova de Milfontes now offers doctor and nursing staff on a daily basis, including Saturdays and Sundays, until 8pm.

In addition to numerous medical specialties, the Private Clinic in Vila Nova de Milfontes also offers several examinations: clinical analysis, audiology and  cardiopneumology  examinations as well as  Doppler Ultrasound.

Shortly other types of ultrasounds will also be possible (abdominal, gynecological, mammary, prostatic, and renal, among others).

As from tomorrow, CLÍDIS, Clínica de Diagnósticos de Sines, will have a doctor on Permanent Duty, Monday to Saturday between 9am and 10pm

This medical service is in addition to the already extensive medical care available at this Clinic: Specialist Consultations, various examinations, Dental Medicine, Day-Care Surgery and Analysis Laborarory.

24, July 2017