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The HPA Magazine is the institutional health and welfare magazine of the HPA Health Group. It is of free distribution, edited every six months.

Its aim is to share the Group’s experiences, knowledge and innovation with the object of improving the health and well-being of the  various local communities and the population in general.

The HPA Magazine is based on accuracy while at the same time adopting a language accessible to all its readers.

The HPA Magazine is true to the mission and values of the HPA Health Group, by adopting the institutional motto:  Your Health is of Particular Importance,  Here for you at all times.

Consult the digital version of our Magazine (link below), or visit one of our Hospitals/Clinics, for the latest issue of the magazine and take one with you!



HPA Magazine 16

July> December 2020


HPA Magazine 15

January> July 2020

HPA Magazine 14

July> December 2020

HPA Magazine 13

January> July 2020

HPA Magazine 12

July> December 2019

HPA Magazine 11

January> June 2019

HPA Magazine 10

July> December 2018


HPA Magazine 09

January> June 2018


HPA Magazine 08

July > December 2018


HPA Magazine 07

January> June 2017


HPA Magazine 06

July> December 2016


HPA Magazine 05

January> June 2016


HPA Magazine 04

July> December 2015


HPA Magazine 03

January> June 2015


HPA Magazine 02

July> December 2014


HPA Magazine 01

January> June 2014