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The Sports Complex of Vila Real de Santo António in addition to providing ongoing medical care, also provides, out-patient medical specialties, dental surgery and complementary diagnostic examinations, its main activity is its the rehabilitation and physiotherapy unit.

This Clinic boasts a team of professional international specialists devoted to the care of patients with both acquired and chronic brain damage, and also in rehabilitation of neuromusculoskeletal and cardiorespiratory conditions. Another of their specialties is preventative and rehabilitation medicine related to the practice of sports or physical activity.


 Opening Hours

Monday to Friday
8am - 8pm

9am - 7pm

and Bank Holidays


Complexo Desportivo de VRSA, Estrada da Mata 8900-261 Vila Real de Santo António




The HPA Health Group has a multi-professional team experienced in neurological rehabilitation which includes intensive and interdisciplinary programs.

During the first consultation and after a detailed evaluation of the patient's deficiencies, limitations and restrictions, an intensive therapy plan is proposed, which can consist of up to six hours a day, five days a week, for eight weeks.


The central focal point of our interdisciplinary team, are the patient and his / her family, whose goals and expectations are respected and worked upon by the team involved: Physiatrist, Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist and Neuropsychologist.

These programs are essentially developed to treat patients suffering lesions after a stroke, brain trauma, vertebro-medullary lesions, among other neurological conditions.


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