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Joint Commission International

The Hospital Particular in Gambelas have earned Joint Commission International accreditation

The HPA Gambelas  have eared accreditation by the most recognized organization and with the highest prestige worldwide in the area of clinical accreditation, the Joint Commission International.

This international accreditation, attributed to all clinical and non-clinical services of the Gambelas Hospitals, recognizes that professionals and unit are guided by the highest standards of safety and quality in areas such as infection control, drug safety , medical and surgical care, and also leadership and organizational management.

The world's largest hospitals, such as the Cleveland Clinic, Johns Hopkins or Mayo Clinic,  are accredited by Joint Commission International

Joint Commission International: http://pt.jointcommissioninternational.org/​

Privacy Information

See here the HPA Health Group Privacy Information

Quality and Safety

Quality and environment policy

The HPA Health Group has assumed as its main mission, meeting the expectations and needs of its clients, integrating the principles of quality and environment into its development strategy.

To this end, it undertakes to:

Quality culture

Developing a Quality Culture aims to, through the involvement of each collaborator, improve the competitiveness, effectiveness and flexibility of the organization through planning, organization and understanding of each activity.


Fulfilling legal requirements 

Satisfy the requirements of its Clients in order to guarantee their full satisfaction, complying with the legal norms and regulatory requirements as well as with the obligations inherent to each of various areas.


Safety improvement 

Melhorar as condições de segurança, quer das instalações, quer das atividades nelas desenvolvidas, implementando as medidas necessárias para a eliminação do risco para a saúde e segurança laboral.

To improve safety conditions, both of the facilities and of its activities and services, by implementing the necessary measures, in order to eliminate occupational health and safety risk.


Environment protection

Promoting environmental protection by assessing the various aspects of is activities on the environment, with the aim of avoiding or minimizing the impact they may cause, promoting the rational use of resources including pollution prevention in order to continuously improve its impact on the environment. 


Awareness and training

Promoting its employees with awareness and training enabling them to carry out their various duties, ensuring that they develop their competencies, promoting their involvement in the Quality and Environment Management System in order to achieve the organization’s  planned results.


Suppliers and providers

Selecting suppliers and service providers with care, involving them in our Quality and Environment policy so they may adopt the principles in force, at the HPA Health Group.


Client commitment

Respecting and complying with professional ethics and cordiality with respect to the contact and treatment of clients by adopting and complying with Good Practices recognized by the sector, namely, the rights and duties of the patient.


Continuous improvement

Continuously improving internal procedures by promoting the efficiency of the integrated management model of Environmental Quality Systems through implementation and monitoring of Quality and Environment objectives and targets.




The national health quality control system “Sistema Nacional de Avaliação em Saude” (SINAS), governed by the National Health Board the  “Entidade Reguladora da Saude” (ERS)is a global quality control monitoring system for hospitals

The five categories under review are Clinical Excellence, Patient Safety, Comfort and Adaptability of the Facilities, Patient Focused and Patient Satisfaction.

This multidimensional evaluation system is tested in two levels. The first level confirms compliance with the criteria considered by the ERS as essential in providing quality health care, through the analysis of organizational structure and culture indicators. Confirmation of theis requisite corresponds to the attribution of one star, and permits providers to access the 2nd level of evaluation. This level has tree levels of quality which are rated individually (superior, intermediate and basic).

In addition to the maximum attribution of stars, the Hospitals of Alvor and Gambelas have both year after year received the higher level of classification in the Patient Safety, Comfort and Adaptability of the Facilities and Patient Satisfaction.

Pacient rights and responsibilities

Pacient rights

  1. Right to treatment without discrimination.
  2. Right to access all available treatment that is medically indicated to his/her condition: preventive, curative, rehabilitation or terminal.
  3. Right to considerate and respectful care at all times, with recognition of personal dignity and worth.
  4. Right to information privacy of all medical treatment provided at all times.
  5. Right to personal privacy.
  6. Right to free choice of health care providers.
  7. Right to a second opinion.
  8. Right to medical information related to his/her case, prognosis, alternative treatment and approximate costs.
  9. Right to a medical report reflecting in detail his/her state of health.
  10. Right to consent.
  11. Right to refuse medical care or treatment.
  12. Right to continuing healthcare
  13. Right of respect as to his/her period of time necessary.
  14. Right not to feel pain or unnecessary suffering.
  15. Right to safety/security and compensation.
  16. Right to complain and make suggestions.

Patient responsibilities

  1. Responsibility to abstain from attitudes, behavior and habits that endanger his/her health or that of others.
  2. Responsibility to contribute to the improvement, within his/her reach, of family and environmental health conditions.
  3. Responsibility to collaborate with health professionals, by respecting recommendations and providing all the information necessary to obtain a correct diagnosis and the appropriate treatment.
  4. Responsibility to respect Hospital rules and regulations including those of the healthcare team. Honoring time of appointments and canceling them as soon as possible when not able to attend.
  5. Responsibility to respect the right of other patients.
  6. Responsibility to use health services, facilities and equipment in an appropriate and responsible manner.
  7. Responsibility to collaborate in the reduction of unnecessary expense and share in the costs of healthcare treatment according to his/her possibilities.
  8. Responsibility not to pressure healthcare professionals to provide documents and information that do not correspond to veracity of the facts.

Patient safety

The Patient Safety standards practiced by the HPA Health Group are based on the standards issued by the Joint Commission International, the international health accreditation body, whose mission is to improve the safety and quality of health care. In order to achieve these goals, it uses educational processes, publications, consulting and evaluation services for certification and accreditation.

  • Identification Safety
  • Comunicação Safety
  • Safe Use of Medication
  • Safety in Surgery
  • Infection Prevention
  • Fall Risk Prevention 


Admission to the in-patient unit – Adults

If admission to one of our Hospital Units / Services is planned, please read the following document, so that your stay with us is pleasant and comfortable, but above all, that it meets with your expectations and needs. 


See document


We, at the HPA Health Group welcome visitors and companions, as we consider that they help to promote a comfortable stay for the patient resulting in a quicker recovery.

However, there are regulations that must be adhered to, in order to ensure everyone’s safety and the proper functioning of the unit.


Visiting Times

  • HPA Alvor, HPA Gambelas (Faro) and São Gonçalo (Lagos) – In-patientes Adults - Daily from 12am to 10pm
  • HPA Gambelas (Faro) – Pediatric In-Patients Unit -  Daily from  12 midday to 8pm
  • HPA Gambelas (Faro) – Maternity / Pregnancy  -  Daily from 12 midday to 10pm
  • //Maternidade/New Mums – Daily from 2pm to 8pm – Fathers / Companions and Brothers – Daily from 0am to 10pm 



We would like to remind visitors/companions to take into account a few important factors:

  • If you wish to visit a patient outsider visiting times, you need to make your way to the In-Patient Reception (Main Reception outside office hours) for permission;
  • You should always wash/disinfect hands before and after each visit, using the dispensers available in the rooms;
  • If you are ill, you should avoid hospital visits;
  • Children in the In-Patients Unit should be avoided;
  • Regarding the number of visitors and length of visiting time, we appeal to everyone’s common sense. Recovery from any illness should take place in a quiet atmosphere. Many visitors for prolonged periods may harm the patient’s recovery;
  • Silence and tranquility should be maintained, respecting not only your family member or friend, but also the other patients;
  • Mobile telephones should be used with discretion. Preferably keep them on silent mode;
  • All patients may receive visitors, except in situations where they (or their caregiver / companion) do not wish to do so or when for medical reasons the patient’s doctor considers that it is not advisable;
  • Meals are controlled by health professionals. Food should not be brought to the hospital as it may eventually harm the patient’s recovery. The nurse responsible can inform you if the patient is in a position to eat food other than that provided by the hospital;
  • As far as gifts or presents are concerned, flowers can be detrimental to the patient’s recovery. We recommend that flowers are not taken into the patient’s room;
  • Recorded images or photographs are not allowed.