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Nephrology is a medical specialty devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the urinary tract primarily related to the kidneys. The doctor who specializes in diseases of the urinary system is called a nephrologist.

The healthy balance of the internal chemistry of our bodies is due in large part to the work of the kidneys. Although small (approximately 10 cm)  our survival depends on the normal functioning of these organs.

The kidneys are responsible for various functions of the human body, therefore  their  dysfunction causes various complaints, such as  vomiting, weakness, fatigue, anemia, swollen legs. The kidneys are also  responsible for the control of blood pressure (hypertension), An uncontrolled high blood pressure can damage the kidneys.

The number of people suffering from kidney diseases is very large, but there are also many people that are not aware of having  kidney problems.  When the kidneys are no longer functioning, it is necessary to undergo dialysis, which in most cases is true for the rest of their lives.

Thus, the responsibilities of a nephrologist are various, with highlight  on  the prevention of kidney disease, diagnosis and treatment of hypertension (high blood pressure), diagnosis and treatment of urinary tract infections, diagnosis and treatment of nephrolithiasis (kidney stones kidneys), diagnosis and treatment of cystic disease (cysts in the kidneys), diagnosis and treatment of chronic kidney disease, etc.

For this reason, it is recommended that patients over 40 years  undergo an annual medical consultation with a nephrologist  as well as renal function screening tests and urine analyses.  

Patients with diabetes, high blood pressure, family history of kidney problems, kidney stones, nephritis or family history of renal problems, a consultation and follow-up treatment with a nephrologist is recommended.


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