CareCard Premium

Created for our patients and their families, the CareCard offers benefits and advantages on all  services provided at all the Hospitals and Clinics of the HPA Health Group, in Mainland Portugal.



  • Free annual Basic Check-Up
  • Free annual Dental Check-Up 
  • Payment facilities
  • Priority access to Screenings within the Group
  • Personalized admission and reception
  • Exclusive Discounts in specific services within the Group:
    • 30% discount on Ambulance Transport
    • 20% on an Emergency Episode
    • 10% on all other services within the Group

The benefits of the CareCard are not cumulative with other health plans.


Of particular interest to patients that do not have a valid health insurance policy or in situations where cover is not guaranteed by the policy. Can be individual or family and can be obtained directly by the patient or through a company or association, partner of the HPA Health Group.

Four different types of CareCard have now been created,all sharing common advantages: 

  • Premium
  • Junior
  • Family
  • Corporate

Partner Companies of the HPA Health Group also offer advantages and benefits to CareCard Holders.



(1) Adult  (2) Children < 18  (3) Minimum 2 people