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Imageology - Grupo HPA Saúde | Algarve | Alentejo | Madeira

The Department of Imagiology is equipped with modern infra-structures specifically created to guarantee the privacy and confidentiality necessary between our patients and the doctor.

The Department has the necessary conditions for patients with mobility difficulties as well as for our in-patients from either hospital.

There is a clear separation between the technical working area and the reception and patient’s waiting area, which make the difference between Grupo HPA Saúde and other services of the type available in the region.al failure. 


Equipped with the most sophisticated equipment available, with a professional technical team, working in an hospital environment, where a vast number of examinations can be carried out such as General  or Specialised Radiology tests, as well as Computerized Tomography Exams, General,  Specialised Ultrasound as well as Research Radiology.

Prevention and Early Diagnosis

Cutting-edge technology can reduce the risk of an oncological disease or even prevent cancer.

It is possible to detecting small polyps of the colon, which in many cases can be the origin of tumors. With a simple colonography  screening or C.T. Scan (virtual colonoscopy). This exam has an effectiveness of 100% on a 1cm size.

With a reduced dose of radiation and the capacity to diagnose unspecific non-clear lesions it is possible to detect pulmonary nodules in high risk patients.  A C.T.Scan examination is a non-invasive, quick and easy way of examining  various arteries of the body, (head, neck, thorax, abdomen and limbs) thereby  avoiding other potential complications of more aggressive  diagnostic examinations.

Special mention must be made of the Cardiac C.T Angiography Scan, which has replaced the diagnostic catheterization , meaning  a significant advance in the diagnosis of coronary disease.ecessary is not indicated for patients with renal failure. 


The Department of Neuroradiology is part of the Imagiology Department of the Grupo HPA Saúde in Gambelas Faro and Hospital Particular da Madeira.

The Grupo HPA Saúde has modern equipment capable of  carrying out various diagnostic images in this specific specialty:
  • M.R.I. (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) (1,5 Tesla) modelo Essenza - Siemens;
  • C.T.Scan (Computorized Tomography)  modelo Emotion 16 - Siemens;
  • Ultrasound - modelo Antares - Siemens;
  • Digital Radiology - Siemens.
Neuroradiological C.T.Scan Examinations:
  • Brain  C.T. Scan;
  • C.T.Scan of the sellar regions;
  • C.T.Scan of the orbits;
  • C.T.Scan  of the Ears;
  • C.T.Scan of the face with or without a 3D study;
  • C.T.Scan of the upper jaw;
  • C.T. Scan of the nasopharynx and or throat;
  • C.T.Scan of the Jaw;
  • C. T. Dentalscan;
  • Craneocervical C.T.Scan;
  • C.T.Scan of the Cervial Spine;
  • C.T.Scan of the Dorsal spine;
  • C.T.Scan of the Lower Back;
  • Sacro-Coccygeal C.T.Scan;
  • Angio C.T.Scan;
  • Myelo C.T.Scan.
Type of Neuroradiological Exams possible in MRI:
  • Brain and Spinal Column;
  • MRI is frequently uused for the study of the brain (tumors, degenerative diseases) and also for the spinal column (hernias);
  • MRI has proven to be fundamental in identifying vascular lesions. It is possible to perform angiographies (normally with contrast) in order to study the arteries of the brain and neck, with the possibility of detecting stenosis , occlusions, aneurisms and other lesions without the risks associated with conventional angiography, an invasive technique, which due to the type of contract necessary is not indicated for patients with renal failure. 

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