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Clínica Particular de Vilamoura


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Centro Médico Internacional VRSA


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Hospital São Camilo Portimão


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Clínica Particular SIIPEMOR



Clídis – Clínica de Diagnósticos de Sines


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The HPA Saúde Group provides quality medical support throughout the Algarve.


The HPA Saúde Group is a private hospital Group, operating since 1996.

It is a reference in private health care in the Algarve.

It consists of three Hospitals: HPA Alvor, HPA Gambelas in Faro and Hospital de S. Camilo in Portimão, as well as various Clinics throughout the Algarve region.

The HPA Hospitals are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with Emergency Department and Private ambulances.



We work today to live the future.

To continue accompanying you in the years to come.

In primary health care, diagnostic tests, in your most difficult moments, convalescence and recovery.

At birth, in childhood, in adulthood… And in old age …

We are and will always be at your side.

Because your health is the most precious possession.

And is, and will always be the reason for our existence!


HPA Saúde Group - Health Units



Hospital Particular do Algarve - Alvor

24H Emergency

The first hospital of the Group was inaugurated in 1996, with well equipped, technologically advanced modern facilities, presenting an added value in healthcare, to the Western Algarve.


Hospital Particular do Algarve - Gambelas (Faro)

24H Emergency

Opened in 2009, the most modern and well equipped Hospital of the Group, aims to be a national reference in terms of patient satisfaction, services and hospital care.


Hospital de São Camilo - Portimão

Opened in 2008 in the center of town, in partnership with the Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Portimão, it is family orientated, in close proximity to families, with the recognized quality of the HPA Group.



Centro Médico Internacional - Vila Real de Santo António

Operating since May 2014 in the VRSA Sport Center, the International Medical Center is a joint project between the HPA Saúde Group and the Municipality of Vila Real de Santo António.


Medchique Clinic - Monchique

Acquired in January 2013, Medchique Clinic provides a wide range of services and medical specialties, with special emphasis on Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation.


Clínica Particular do Algarve - Guia

Opened in May 2012, at the Algarve Shopping Centre in order to provide quality health care in the Central Algarve.


Clínica Particular de Vilamoura

Created to support, with the local residents and tourists in mind, this clinic has doctors permanently on duty supported by technical staff, 26 medical specialties and a team of doctors dedicated to house and hotel call out visits.


International Health Centres (IHC) - Albufeira

Located in Praia da Oura, this Family Clinic has multilingual doctors and friendly staff, devoted to caring for foreign patients, both resident and holidaymakers including home and hotel visits.


Information on the various Units of the HPA Saúde Group: Contacts and Location