HPA Signs a Collaboration Protocol with ABC

A collaboration protocol between the HPA Health Group and the Algarve Biomedical Center (ABC), the Academic Center for Research and Biomedical Training of the Algarve, a consortium made up of the Centro Hospitalar do Algarve (CHAlgarve), the Department of Biomedical and Medical Sciences and the Center for Biomedical Research of the University of the Algarve.  The main objective of this partnership is the collaboration in  actions that will contribute to the development of innovative hospital care and the development of  projects in basic and clinical research  reinforcing regional, national and international cooperation.

The protocol was signed by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the HPA Health Group, Dr. João Bacalhau and the Chairman of the Executive Council of ABC, Dr. Nuno Marques. Also present were the University Rector, Dr. António Branco, Vice-Rector Dr. Pedro Ferré, President of the Department of Biomedical Sciences and Medicine, Dr. Isabel Palmeirim, Executive Member of CHAlgarve, Dr. Helena Leitão and the Consultant of the Training Center of the HPA Health Group, Dr.  Ana Paula Fontes.

23, May 2017