The number of surgeries performed in the Ambulatory Operating Theatre of the Clinica Particular do Algarve has seen a considerable increase during this past year. Not only has the number of procedures increased but the type of surgeries performed, have also increased.


Yesterday an inguinal hernia repair surgery took place at this Clinic, once again with excellent results.  This quick and safe procedure was carried out under local anaesthesia where no hospital admission was necessary.   


In Ambulatory Surgery the patient is admitted in the morning and discharged the same day. This type of procedure has many advantages when compared to a surgery when the patient is admitted to hospital:  reducing the number of nosocomial infections (hospital acquired infections), no  separation from the family,  going back to work in a shorter period of time, quicker integration in social life  and lower costs. The quality and safety levels are maintained in ambulatory surgery. 

11, November 2015