A minimally invasive surgery for the repair of the mitral valve, was performed for the first time in the Southern Region of the Country at the Hospital in Gambelas.


Disease of the mitral valve is diagnosed and treated insufficiently.  The results is that many patients suffering from this disease  are not referred to surgery.  However surgery remains  the best treatment option for patients with this disease.  


In cases where the patient is referred to surgery, the procedure which is carried out is sternotomy (open heart surgery). This procedure in addition to the risks involved, requires a longer and painful postoperative recovery period.


Minimally invasive valve surgery is performed through small incisions in the intercostals spaces, using special instruments.  This method is safer, quicker and therefore patients recover in a shorter period of time, regaining  functionality and quality of life.


This minimally invasive surgical technique was performed on a 62 year old English patient , by Dr Angelo Nobre, Surgeon.  Both patient and surgeon have made it known that they are very pleased with the results and rapid recovery.


Cardiothoracic surgery as well as interventional cardiology have played an important role in the innovative development of the HPA Health Group, especially minimally invasive valve surgery, as is the case with the mitral valve (described above) and also the thranscatheter aortic valve implantation. 


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15, December 2014