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Caring at HPA through the nurse's eyes | International Nurses Day

This year's International Nurses Day has the motto “A Vision for the Future of Health Care”, which reflects the importance of nursing in the health system and policies, visibly identified in the current pandemic.

Based on the idea of “vision”, we challenge our nurses to capture images to show their view of nurses in daily care. That's why we created a photography contest to mark your Day.

We’ve received dozens of photos, the best images of which we highlight in the gallery. Take a look, share them and congratulate our and your nurses.


Photo contest results:

Category: Colour

1st Place: "The look of those who take care", Márcia Mendes // BO - HPM

2nd Place: "The Journey", Flávio Dias // UCI - HPA GAMBELAS

3rd Place: "The art of caring", Jéssica Ataíde & Cátia Fonseca // AP - HPA Sines


Category: Black and White

1st Place: "Little big heroes", João Pedro Grade // UCIN - HPA Gambelas

2nd Place: "We travel with you", Sara Sousa // Cons. Ext. & Ex. Especiais - HPM

3rd Place: "A door that never closes. Here for you, through every moment", Susana Araújo // HDIA - HPM


Special Mentions

"First look at the sea", Ana Raquel Correia // INT. 2 - HPM

"Touching human fragility with affection", Tatiana Vieira // INT. 2 - HPM

"Together in fight 2", Raquel Salgado // HDIA - HPA Gambelas

"Hands that accompany and protect", Equipe Nursing // INT. 2 - HPA Alvor

"Caring at HPA…. Through the eyes of the Nurse", Nursing Team // UCI - HPA Alvor

"The joy of caring with love", Ana Patrícia Inocentes // UCIN - HPA Gambelas

"Born in good hands", Manuel Gallardo // UCIN - HPA Gambelas

"The HPA heart beats for you", Cristina Ferreira & Lino Freitas // UCI - HPM


12th May 2021 

12, May 2021