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World Voice Day 2021

Myths associated with vocal health.

  • Any tea is good for the voice.

This is not true. If the tea contains high levels of caffeine, such as black, white or green tea, it will cause dehydration of the vocal folds, requiring greater effort in the production of the voice.

  • One must whisper to save the voice.

The whisper increases the tension in some laryngeal muscles and also an excessive stretching of the vocal folds which together can lead to inflammation.

  • Alcohol consumption interferes with vocal production, but food does not.

The first part of the sentence is correct, but the second is a myth. Food can actually influence the health of the voice when it produces gastric changes. That is, acidic, greasy or spicy foods can cause heartburn and cause irritation of the larynx and vocal folds.

16th April 2021

16, April 2021