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From the beginning of August, the HPA Health Group in association with Widex is offering a new service: the HPA Hearing Center, which will initially operate at the Alvor and Gambelas Hospitals as well as at the Algarve Private Clinic in the Algarve Shopping Center (Guia, Albufeira).


This Center is specialised in hearing rehabilitation and will provide screenings on a permanent basis, detecting problem related to hearing defects as well as providing the necessary advice for solving the problem.


Hearing loss and its shortcomings are often undervalued and regarded as a natural process associated with aging. Loss of hearing significantly diminishes the quality of life of the individual creating a cycle of isolation and insecurity and even embarrassment.


Screenings are simple procedures which are quick and painless.  On the other hand, in recent years technology as far as hearing aids are concerned, has undergone a substantial evolution. Hearing aids are now easy to use, functional and affordable and available in a wide range of options.


 It is no longer necessary to live in a silent cocoon. Screening is important.  

5, August 2015