The Portuguese Health Board has awarded the Hospital Particular do Algarve for the fifth consecutive year the status of Center for Surgical Obesity Treatment.

This recognition is demanding from the point of view of its requirements. The service must ensure technical equipment to deal with patients weighing up to 200 kg, as well as accessibility to multidisciplinary teams (integrating approximately 12 specialties) as well as an intensive care unit.

Obesity is an important public health hazard worldwide, to which Portugal is no exception. Obesity is a high risk factor for the aggravation of acute chronic diseases. In people with severe obesity, bariatric surgery is a treatment that allows significant weight reduction, presenting substantial benefits and having a positive impact on the overall health of patients.

The attribution of Surgical Obesity Center status takes into account, in addition to the technical necessities, the number of patients treated as well training capacity. In the south of Lisbon, the Hospital Particular is the only private institution with this recognition.

18, January 2018