…Childred are our greatest asset ….

The Staff of the Paediatric Unit of the Hospital in Gambelas – Faro celebrated International Children’s Day with enthusiasm and good humour.  

The celebrations began on Saturday the 30th May with children bringing their dolls for a “medical check-up”.

25 Children between the ages of 3 and 5 years, from a local Nursery School “Jardim-de-Infância Bela Infância” took part in the celebrations.  The children were shown the Paediatric Emergency and Out- Patients Paediatric Unit of the hospital as well as the Radiology Department.

A Mini Paediatric Emergency Consulting Room was set up for the purpose where the children, dressed to the occasion, had an opportunity to make-believe they were doctors and nursed, carry out surgeries and check-ups and treat their favourite toys. They also had the opportunity to have their favourite toy x-rayed.

Apart from the moments of joy and creativity, these activities served to minimise the fear and insecurity often associated with a visit to the hospital.

Sunday was dedicated to various activities.  In the morning Nurse Isabel Roberto held two sessions of Baby Yoga.  Children and parents experienced the virtues of this activity which improves a child’s posture as well promoting affection and bonding.

In the afternoon parents were taught Baby Massage which also promotes moments of unity and affection.

See the collection of photos and share in the enjoyable moments. 

2, June 2014