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    • HPV is called papilloma virus because it causes warts or papillomas, which are non-cancerous tumours.
    • HPSVs can only live in squamous epithelial cells, cells found on the surface of the skin and in moist areas such as the vagina, anus, cervix, vulva, head of the penis, mouth, trachea, bronchi and the lungs
    • There are over 120 different types of HPV
    • 70% of cervical cancer cases are caused by two types of HPV (16 and 18)
    • HPV infection is the most frequent sexually transmitted infection
    • About 80% of men and women will be infected with HPV at some point in their sex life
    • The body is almost always able to eliminate the virus, but when this does not happen, genital disease/cancer can occur: cancers and precancerous lesions of Organs genitals, head and neck and also genital warts or condylomas
    • Most people infected with HPV are unaware of the situation, as the virus often has no symptoms; therefore, there is a higher risk of infecting the partner (a)
    • Using a condom does not completely eliminate the risk of getting the infection.
    • The vaccines that exist for HPV work best if they are given before sexual activity begins.
    • Vaccines do not treat HPV infection or HPV-associated disease, their role is strictly preventive
    • The HPV vaccine has been part of the National Vaccination Program since 2008 for girls and since 2020 for boys
    • It is important to keep the screening even after vaccination.


    4th March 2021
4, March 2021