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Cow's milk or vegetable drinks?

Cow's milk or vegetable drinks? Get to know the opinion of our nutritionist Dr. Soraia Santos.

Cow's milk is considered a common food in human consumption. Compared to other vegetable drinks, such as soy, oat, almond, or rice drinks, cow's milk has a lower energy value (lean=34 Kcal/100ml, that is, 85Kcal/250ml cup), high-quality protein, and greater bioavailability for the absorption of calcium, phosphorus, and zinc. Its fat content is variable (lean=0.2g/100ml, that is, 0.5g/250ml cup) with no added sugars or, in some versions, lactose-free.

Cow's milk integrates food and nutritional recommendations throughout its life cycle, so its exclusion should be done in pathological situations, food intolerance, or allergy.

The recommended amounts are 1-2 dairy products per day, with 1 milk equivalent to: 1 glass of milk (250ml) or 1 liquid yoghurt (180ml) or 2 solid yoghurts (125g each) or 1 slice of cheese (30g) or fresh cheese (50g) or curd (100g), with low-fat content (<30% fat).


7, June 2019