Our team of Paediatricians at the Hospital Particular da Madeira

Did you know that… our Paediatric Permanent Care is able to receive newborns, babies, children, and young people? This is because our team of Paediatricians also has a subspecialty in Neonatology, Development, Allergology, and Gastroenterology. There are ten magnificent professionals under the coordination of Dr. Rute Gonçalves. Every day from 9 am to midnight.

We have several subspecialties for the little ones. Our General Paediatricians also have subspecialties in the areas of Neurodevelopment, Allergology, Gastroenterology, and Neonatology. There are also specialists in Paediatric Cardiology and Surgery. Nothing is too much for someone who is the best in the world.

31, August 2019