Did you know this is digestive health month? Find out why the Portuguese Society of Gastroenterology decided to institute this commemoration

Despite the fact that digestive cancer is the most common and the one that kills the most, people continue to undervalue symptoms that are common and important, such as heartburn, diarrhoea, or abdominal pain.

According to GSP it is very important that people visit a gastroenterologist even before they have symptoms and before they are sick. Liver tests should be done, like a blood count or cholesterol tests, and between the ages of 45/50, colon cancer screening should not be missed.

The Society also refers to the importance of patients regaining confidence in the services and not failing surveillance.

It is important to know that cancer of the organs of the digestive system represents 1/3 of all cancers in the country and that polyps that appear throughout life, if not removed, can turn into cancer.

Having a balanced diet, exercising regularly, preventing and correcting obesity, and making regular appointments with the gastroenterologist are the pillars to prevent diseases and ensure good digestive health, together with early diagnosis "considered the most effective way to reduce mortality”, namely of cancer.


18, June 2020