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Sunburn? Prevention is better than cure.

This is definitely a situation that should not happen, mainly because it depends on individual control, because of the immediate harmful effects it causes, but fundamentally because of the serious risks that it precipitates in the long run.

It is therefore important to warn and remember: sun exposure must be gradual and respect the types of skin (do not exceed 10-30 minutes in the most sensitive situations); avoid the hours of greater intensity (in peak summer between 11 am and 5 pm); enhance hydration; use items that help protect (clothes, hats, sunglasses) and never fail to correctly and permanently use sunscreen. Specifically: use an index appropriate to age and skin type (equal to or greater than 30); renew the application whenever exposed to the sun (every 2 hours), with special care if the skin is wet or if you sweat a lot.

If you were not careful and responsible enough and if the burn has occurred, avoid further sun exposure until you are healed; apply cold water compresses; if there are bubbles, do not burst them; do not apply alcohol or butter, use a hypoallergenic moisturizer; increase your consumption of water, fruits and vegetables (antioxidants help cell regeneration and reduce collagen degradation); contact a doctor if necessary. This circumstance should be considered urgent if there are signs of dehydration (thirst and headaches) or heat stroke (red and hot skin, feeling confused, fever, muscle aches).

1, August 2020