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Zero Incontinence | World Women-s Health Day

Joana Pacheco, Physiotherapist

On the advice of my gynaecologist, I booked Urogynecological Physiotherapy. The idea I had was that I would learn to “know how to retain” urine so as not to have losses.

In the first session, I listened attentively to Dr. Joana Pacheco and when I left, the first thought that came to me was “there’s more to this than meets the eye…”

Effectively, the process was not as “simple” as I thought. It was a challenge to follow, as is the entire protocol, requiring a lot of effort and, if it were not for the assertiveness and professionalism of Dr. Joana Pacheco, I would not be able to maintain the treatment as far as I have.

I established a new relationship and knowledge of my body. With the help of what I called “vaginal paint” or “constructing charts with the perineum” through the probe and ending in the “vaginal alterations”, I realized that the losses were starting to disappear, and my well-being was increasing.

In the entire process, the most difficult part was scrupulously sticking to the homework plan, for various reasons that depended solely on me. There were times when my will power broke, but Dr. Joana's words and dedication quickly restored my confidence to continue.

So, the losses disappeared; my discomfort around others is no longer a reality and I think the physiotherapy sessions were the perfect way to reach the goal. 

28th May 2021







28, May 2021