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Health as a concept has been assumed to be comprehensive and multidimensional, encompassing not only disease but also health and well being, as well as aspects linked to cosmetic, wellness, both physical and psychological, including spiritual. 
Bearing this in mind, we have created an innovative concept in the treatment of the individual as a whole, combining cosmetic treatment, health and wellness. 


Using the latest technology and various teams of professionals with extensive experience, we are prepared to carry out any type of procedure at our units, of which we highlight the most frequent. 


One of the most common non-surgical  procedures currently carried out in cosmetic medicine and plastic surgery.
Men and women turn to Botox to minimize wrinkles, enhancing facial features and bringing harmony to the face resulting in a lighter facial expression.


This is a facial modeling technique recommended for remodeling and redefining areas of the face, resulting in a natural filling out of grooves and small wrinkles. It also corrects small facial imperfections of the face and lips.


Chemical peeling

This procedure is increasingly used for the renewal of the surface layer of the skin. It lightens blemishes and repairs irregularities such as superficial wrinkles and acne scars.



Vascular Laser: a new and very effective alternative treatment for vascular lesions such as blood vessels of the legs, dilated vessels of the face, reticular vessels, hemangiomas and facial rosacea.


IPL Hair Removal: rapid, safe and effective way of removing unwanted facial and body hair, effective for all skin types. Unlike other laser-based hair removal techniques it does not damage the skin. 


Mesotherapy stimulates fibroblasts, the synthesis of collagen and elastin preventing the formation of excess fat. It is an intensive draining anti-cellulite treatment, ideal for removing cellulite, stretch marks, sagging and localized fat.


Platelet rich plasma therapy

Permits increased skin toning, treatment of fine wrinkles of the face, an improvement of the general condition of the face and repair of tissues damaged by surgery. This technique uses the patient’s own cells which then act as a natural biological stimulation.


Intense pulsed light

Photodepilation: this advanced hair removal system is the safest method to effectively remove hair quickly and painlessly.

Photorejuvenation: is a new technology of photothermal stimulation of new collagen growth. It is quick and painless, can correct fine wrinkles, reduce aging of the neck, fragile capillaries and blemishes.

Radiofrequency face / body

Currently one of the most effective toning and rejuvenation treatments. Improves lymphatic drainage, stimulates the release of fats and toxins, promotes the breakdown of adiposity and stimulates the synthesis of collagen.
The results are a firmer skin and defined rejuvenated facial contours.



This procedure is the medical treatment of dilated blood vessels and malformation, or varicose veins of various sizes. In most cases it is carried out for aesthetic purpose but is also used as treatment of some diseases.