HPA Gambelas 2021
Because we believe in the future, we have expanded thinking of you

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It is common sense that great men stand out during the most difficult times.
The Grupo HPA Saúde decided to prove, that large companies also assert themselves in times of adversity.
The year 2020 will remain in our memory as one of the most difficult for three generations. 
For the elderly, due to the fear and mortality they had to face; for adults, due to the social and economic uncertainty they encountered; for children and teenagers for lost time, affection and socializing that they will not recover. 
It was in these times of uncertainty that the HPA decided it was necessary to create more and better support for the health of the Algarve population, specifically in its Gambelas -Faro Unit


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This hospital, inaugurated in December 2009, has been in existence for more than 10 years. It has stood out for its progressive growth and differentiation, which has led it to becoming the most differentiated health unit in the region. A distinction that is recognized daily by the thousands of patients who seek our services.
Built at a time when health care in Portugal was beginning to expand, it soon faced the need for additional space, due to the need to address the many health care issues in the Algarve.
In the HPA Unit of Gambelas, areas of great differentiation and complexity began to emerge, as is the case with the Mother and Child Unit, consisting of a Maternity of excellence including a Paediatric and Neonatology Units. Their greatest asset being the expertise and quality of their medical staff.
Surgical teams with high differentiation in minimally invasive surgery in several medical areas have also been developed, using innovative equipment and techniques, such as 3D surgery, laser equipment and high-quality microscopes. Orthopaedic and Traumatology Surgery have achieved technical and scientific recognition in Portugal, but also across borders, with several award-winning scientific publications.
The Oncology Unit and the Day Care Hospital also emerged, with a team whose focus was humanism and competence, helping hundreds of cancer patients to overcome diseases of disturbing complexity, using innovative protocols and drugs often only available in international clinical trials, which the HPA Group and its patients also have access to.
The HPA Gambelas has always been available to the general public through its Emergency Unit, for both adults and children, supported by radiology and clinical analysis 24/7, 365 days per year. This also includes Operating Theatre support, Intensive Care Unit and numerous on call medical specialities, some of which are only possible at the Gambelas Hospital.
Rooms and wards with dynamic and committed medical staff offering the comfort and warmth that we long for when we are not well, always with the support of an intensive care and emergency team, with capacity to accommodate 8 patients in the Intensive care unit, should the need arise. 
Naturally, all this growth, differentiation and expansion, made us realize already in 2018 that the building was too small for our 900 employees, for the 2,500 patients who call on our Emergency Unit monthly, for more than 8,000 consultations and 600 surgeries a month and for the 100 babies that are born in our Maternity Section monthly. It had become small for grandparents, parents and children, making it difficult to live up to what everyone expected of us.
It was then that we began a bold project of expansion and reorganization.
Gambelas 2021 means additional space, better organization and greater efficiency which we hope will be reflected in less time wasted, better service, more satisfied customers and, above all, total and excellent solutions to their health issues. 
We believe Gambelas 2021 will be a year with a future, a year where together we will alleviate the uneasiness of 2020, a year in which together we will bet on more and better health.
The new wing of the HPA in Gambelas is evidence of rebirth and rejuvenation.
The new Gynaecology and Obstetrics Out-Patients Unit will be housed here, with the necessary support from the nursing staff dedicated to this area.
A new consultation area, for medical and surgical purposes, with a small surgery theatre, where new techniques will be developed in ambulatory surgery, such as MOSH Dermatological Surgery and special endoscopic exams for Gastroenterology, Pulmonology and Urology.
The new Day Care Hospital and Oncology Unit will triple their reception and treatment capacity; they will have additional space and the personalized services that these patients so much require and appreciate, which this team provides so well.
This new 1,200m2 area will permit us to reorganize other aspects of the Hospital, in a more functional and structured perspective, with integrated patient centred units, according to each pathology.
The new inpatient Gynaecology / Obstetrics Unit, will include the Puerperium, Maternity and the Delivery Room with recovery area.
A new wing of private rooms privileging the privacy and comfort that everyone recognizes us for, has also been created.

Dr. Paulo Vieira de Sousa

Medical Director 
of the HPA - Gambelas
Director of the Department 
of Surgery 
President of the Medical Council 

The present Out-Patients Consultation area will have a new Main Entrance and a larger Reception area with additional administrative support, enabling all formalities inherent to medical acts to be fulfilled, including electronic kiosks, integrated with the computer system and the myHPA Saúde App, making it possible to reduce waiting times.
The Cardiology Department will continue on this floor, but has now been reorganized and is known as the Cardiovascular Disease Treatment Center. The Orthopaedic Unit and the Ophthalmological Consultation and Examination Unit also remain on this floor. 
The Otorhinolaryngology Consultation and the Nursing and Treatment Care Center will also remain in this area, with access to the ambulatory Operating Theater, which will also be optimized. 
With this renovation, HPA Gambelas has increase its total area by 10%, but we hope to improve our various services by 20% and above all we want to increase the level of our patients’ satisfaction by 100%. 
We rely on the wisdom and experience of our Board of Directors to support us in this battle against the adversity of the times we live in, with the commitment of our administrative, auxiliary, cleaning staff as well as our nurses, technicians and doctors who every day face the fear of uncertainty in relation to the current pandemic, taking care of those who need us most, with courage and professionalism. 
I will always be by their side.