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António Brito Avô

Dr. António Brito Avô

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Portuguese, English, French (Written & Spoken) & Spanish (Spoken)


August 2015

Academic Training

Degree in Medicine and Surgery from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Lisbon on 06-31-1976

Paediatrics Specialty Internship at HCL – Hospital D. Estefânia 1979/1984

Specialist in Paediatrics by the O.M. in 1984 – Member of the College of Paediatrics at OM.

Graduated in Hospital Assistant in Paediatrics by the Civil Hospitals of Lisbon in 1985 (Hospital D. Estefânia)

Special Studies Cycle at the School Health ENSP in 1990

Master's Course in School Medicine at FML 1991

Professional Activity

Paediatrician with daily activity in a private clinic for about 30 years (has a Medical Clinic in Lisbon – Campo Grande, 28 – 4th D 1700-093 Lisbon)

He is currently retired from public functions by the CGA after a 38-year career in the SNS and the Ministry of Education.

Scientific / Pedagogical Activity

Coordinates research projects in the area of ​​paediatric epidemiology and infectiology, antibiotic resistance and studies on the impact of vaccines in collaboration with the UNL/ITQB for about 20 years, funded by JNICT, Praxis XXI, European Commission, FCT, DG SANCO DA CE, and Private Entities (Wyeth, Gsk, Pfizer).

22 scientific articles published in international peer-reviewed journals. More than 50 scientific presentations at national and international meetings and congresses. Author of a book: O Desenvolvimento da Criança, Texto Editora, 1987/91/95.

Member of SPP/SIP (Portuguese Society of Paediatrics/Society of Paediatric Infectiology), ESPID (European Society of Paediatric Infectiology), Fellow of the AAP (American Academy of Paediatrics).

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