Eurico Gomes

Dr. Eurico Gomes

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June 2016


June 2016

Academic Training

Medicine Course at the College of Medicine of the Classic University of Lisbon

Beginning of the Internship of the Internal Medicine Specialty in Service 1 of Hospital de Santa Marta.

Completes the Internship in the Specialty of Internal Medicine, at Hospitals de Lisboa.

Professional Activity

1991- Duties of Director of Internal Medicine Service at H. D. Faro

1992- Head of Service at H.D. Faro (public competition: 1st place: 19 points).

1996- Performs functions as Clinical Director of H. D. Faro

1996/2005- Coordinator responsible for the Diabetes Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases Nucleus at H.D. Faro

2006.... Chairman of the Board of A.E.D.M.A.D.A. and Clinical Director at the Diabetes Clinic A.E.D.M.A.D.A.

Scientific / Pedagogical Activity

Responsible for the Scientific Research Department of the A.E.D.M.A.D.A., mainly clinical and pharmacological

Collaborator in the Working Group of the Department of Training and Education of the A.E.D.M.A.D.A.

Main Areas of Activity in the HPA Group

Internal medicine


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