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Dr. João Vide


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Portuguese, English, Italian. Spanish, French


August 2011


* PhD in Biomechanics (currently); Faculty of Human Motricity at the Lisbon University.

*Observership em Percutaneous Foot Surgery – Dr. Olivier Laffenêtre, C.H.U. Bordeaux (France), 2017.

*Fellowship in Reconstructive Surgery of the Foot and Ankle – Prof. Beat Hintermann e Markus Knupp, Kantonsspital Baselland (Switzerland), 2015.

*Fellowship in Foot Surgery and Gait Analysis  – Dr. Scott Ellis e Demetracapoulos, Hospital for Special Surgery New York (USA),  2015.

 *Fellowship in Arthroscopy and Surgery of the Foot and Ankle  – Prof. Dr. Niek van Dijk, Amsterdam (Holand), 2013.

* Post-graduation in Sports Medicine; Centro de Medicina Desportiva do Porto / Faculty of Medicine of Oporto University, 2012.

* Post-graduation in Post-traumatic injury Assessment; Instituto Nacional de Medicina Legal / Faculty of Medicine of the  Coimbra University, 2009.

* Master’s Degree in Medicine; Faculty of Medicine of the Oporto University, 2008.

*ERASMUS; Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of the  Universitá degli studi di Génova - 2007.

* Scientific and Technological Course in Biotechnology, 2001.

Professional Experience

*Internship in Medicine at the  Hospital Beatriz Ângelo (Loures, Lisbon)

*Complementary Internship in Orthopedics and Traumatology at the Faro Hospital, 2010 to 2015.

* Doctor of the (Medical Emergency and Resuscitation Vehicle) VMER of Faro and Albufeira; National Institute of Medical Emergency,  2012/13.

*Doctor in the Medical Department of the Sporting Clube Olhanense (1st League Football), 2011/12

Academic / Teaching Experience

*Coordinator of the Department of  Biomechanics of the Portuguese Society of Orthopedics and Traumatology, since 2019.

*Foot and Ankle Delegate -  European Federation of National Orthopedics and Traumatology - Orthopedic Education  (EFORT), since 2018.

* Substitute member of the Board of the Portuguese Society of Medicine and Foot Surgery (SPMCP), since 2017.

* Member of the Young Physicians Committee of the American Society of Foot and Ankle Surgery (AOFAS), since 2016, and the Education Committee, since 2017.

* President of the European Federation of Orthopedic and Traumatology (FORTE), 2015/16.

* Board Member of the Commission of Interns of the Portuguese Society of Orthopedics and Traumatology (CISPOT), from 2011 to 2014



*Member of the Organizing Committee of the International Course “Lisbon Foot & Ankle Clinical Biomechanics Course”, since 2017.

* Member of the Organizing Committee of the National Congress of the Foot and Ankle, 2018.

*Chairman of the 1st Summer School of Orthopedics and Traumatology - FORTE Summer School 2016


* Dr. Carlos Lima Award - Honorable Mention,  XXXVI National Congress of Orthopedics 2016

* Best Clinical Case - I Congress PEALMECIPP 2016

* Dr. Rui Antão Orthopedics Award 2014 and  2015

*Best Oral Presentation – XXXIV National Congress of Orthopedics  2014.

*Best Poster on Lower Limbs  – XXXIV National Congress of Orthopedics  2014.



* Author of more than 30 oral presentations, various posters/videos and Guest speaker in approximately 25 national and international courses;

*Jury and moderator in various national and international Congresses and e invited professor in Medical, Nursing and Radiology Courses.  


*Chaptor  -  Anatomia e Biomecânica Livro Pé e Tornozelo, 
Vide, J.; Mendes, D.; Sousa, M. R.
Lidel 2015


* Suture-button devices are at least as effective as screws for fixation of acute syndesmotic injuries: a systematic review
Systematic Review
Vide, J.; Mendes, D.; Sousa, M.R.
J Isakos, June 2018

*The current state of orthopedic residency in 18 European countries. Observational Study. Madanat R.; Mäkinen T.J.; Ryan D.; Huri G.; Paschos N.; Vide J.; FORTE writing committee
International Orthopedics,  April 2017

*Patient-Specific Instrumentation in Total Knee Replacement - Simpler, Faster and more Accurate than Standard Instrumentation
Randomized Control Trial.
Vide, J.; Freitas, T.; Ramos, A.; Cruz, H.; Sousa, J.P.

*Knee Surgery Sports Trauma Arthroscopy,  November 2015

*Tennis Associated Posterior Shoulder Dislocation - Clinical Case. Vide, J.; Gomes, D.; Ovídio, J.; Frade, A..
Rev Med Desp InForma 2014, 5(2): 8-10. Available at: www. revdesportiva.pt

*Intra-Osseous Foreign Body Removal from Stab Wound of the Shoulder - Clinical Case. Vide, J.; Ovídio, J.; Freitas, T.; Ramos, A.

*Rev Port Orthop Traum 2014, 22(2): 41-47. Index at ScieLo. Available at: www. rpot.pt

*Which Palliative Technique for Glenoumeral Sequellae of Obstetric Brachial Plexus Palsies?
Systematic Review
Vide, J.; Gomes, D.; Salgueiro, M.; Matos, E.; Henriques, M.

*Rev Port Orthop Traum 2014, 22(1): 5-23. Index at ScieLo. Available at: www. rpot.pt.

 * Bilateral Posterior Gleonumeral Dislocation with Humeral Head Fracture after Electric Shock
Clinical Case.
Gomes, D.; Ovídio, J.; Vide, J.; Freitas, T.; Ramos, A.; Palma, JS.

*Rev Port Orthop Traum 2014, 22(1): 112-119. Index at ScieLo. Available at: www. rpot.pt

*Sacral Stress Fracture in a Premier League Professional Soccer Player - Clinical Case. Sacramento, T.; Vide, J.; Rodrigues, D.; Carvalho Silva, J.

Rev Med Desp InForma 2013, 4(1): 4-6. Available at: www. revdesportiva.pt

For additional information: www.peetornozelo.pt

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