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Dr.ª Graça Caires


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Portuguese and English


October 2019


Qualified a the Faculty of Medicine of the Coimbra University in 1992.

Specialist in Cardiology in 2001.

Sub-Specialty in Intervention Cardiology  in  2011.

Consultant in Cardiology in  2015.

Professional Experience

General Cardiology, Intervention Cardiology, Pacing and Cardiac Ultrasound.  

Academic / Teaching Experience

Guest Lecturer on 1st year Anatomy at the Faculty of Medicine of the Madeira University in conjunction with the Lisbon University 2004/2015.

Training Advisor on Cardiology since 2005.

Training Instructor in various courses on Acute Coronary Syndrome and Thoracic Pain and also in other medical specialties since 2017.

Practice Areas at the HPA Group

General Cardiology, Intervention Cardiology,  Pacing and Cardiac Ultrasound.  


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