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    ADSE · ADM · SAMS/SIB · RNA Medical · Advance Care · Convenção RAM/IASaúde · Multicare · Allianz · Future Healthcare · GNR · Médis · SAMS Quadros · CGD


  • Healthcares:

    ADM · SAMS/SIB · RNA Medical · Advance Care · Convenção RAM/IASaúde · Multicare · Allianz · Future Healthcare · GNR · Médis · SAMS Quadros · CGD


Portugês, Inglês, Espanhol


May 2019


Degree in Medicine, Specialty Orthopedics and Traumatology since 03/07/1995
Senior Graduated Assistant at SESARAM
Former Director of the Orthopedic Service of SESARAM.

Professional Activity

Clinical Manager of the Orthopedics Service of Madeira Private Hospital since 2020

Member of the social bodies of the Portuguese Society of Arthroscopy and Traumatology in 2021

Scientific/Pedagogical Activity

Senior Graduated Assistant of SESARAM

Former director of SESARAM's Orthopedics Service

Former Coordinator of the Arthroscopy Center of the SESARAM's Orthopedics Department

Formerly responsible for the Shoulder Unit of the SESARAM's Orthopedics Department

Assistant Professor at UMA, University of Madeira responsible for the Traumatology and Primary Care Course of the Physical Education and Sports Course.

Member of the Board of SPOT - Sociedade Portuguesa de Ortopedia in 2008 with Prof. Jacinto Monteiro

Member of the General Assembly of SPAT, Portuguese Society of Arthroscopy for 4 terms with Prof. Espergueira Mendes (2 terms), Dr. Ricardo Varatojo (1 term) and Dr. Pedro Pessoa (1 term).

Member of the Shoulder Section of SPOT for 2 terms with Dr. Carlos Amaral.

Ortho-Traumatologist of Club Futebol União from 1995 until January 2006.

Ortho-Traumatologist of Club Sport Marítimo since January 2006.

Orthopedics Coordinator at Clínica da Sé since 2006

Responsible for Sports Traumatology at AVASAD since 2010

President of the 4th Shoulder Conference of SPOT held from May 1st to 2nd, 2009.

President of the XIII SPAT NATIONAL CONGRESS OF SPORT ARTHROSCOPIA AND TRAUMATOLOGY, to be held in Funchal on November 30th and December 1st.

Editor of RPO, Revista Portuguesa de Ortopedia.

Co-author of several books on Orthopedics and Sports Traumatology: "The Shoulder" author of the chapter on Instabilities.

"The Knee" author of the chapter on meniscal lesions.

"Sports Traumatology" author of the chapter on overload injuries.

"The most frequent problems and injurys in football".

Author or co-author in more than 120 papers presented in Orthopedic Congresses as invited speaker or published.

Regularly invited moderator of National or International Congresses on Orthopedics and/or Arthroscopy on about 40 occasions.

Jury in all SPOT (Sociedade Portuguesa de Ortopedia) awards in several consecutive years.

Jury of the best poster.

Jury of the Best Free Paper.

Jury of the Best Publication in RPO

Jury of the Zurich Award.

Jury of several medical competitions for obtaining the Specialty both in Madeira and at a national level.

Main Practice Areas at HPA Group 

Specialist in Shoulder and Knee Pathology, Arthroscopy, Ligamentoplasty, General and Sports Traumatology, Arthroplasties (Hip, Knee and Shoulder).

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