Dr.ª Lídia L. Teixeira


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English, French and Spanish


October 2019


Faculty of Medicine of the Lisbon University.

Specialist  in Rheumatology at the  - Hospital Garcia de Orta.

Professional Experience


Academic / Teaching Experience

Development of 33 publications of scientific papers,  25 of which in abstract form, 8 in article form and 1 in book chapter form;

Participation in 39 national and international meetings / congresses / conferences and 30 scientific and clinical differentiation courses;

Presentation of 36 oral communications, one of which at the EULAR 2016 congress; Presentation of 37 scientific papers in international and national events;

Participation in 30 courses and 38 international and national events;

Participation in various clinical trials and research projects.

Member of the Portuguese Society of Rheumatology

Practice Areas at the HPA Group

Out-Patients Unit (General Rheumatology - Systemic Rheumatic Diseases; Microcrystalline Diseases;

Metabolic diseases of the bone;

Periarticular and articular pathology;

 Complementary Diagnostic Tests:  Ultrasonography of the locomotor system and Capillaroscopy.

Rheumatology techniques with and without ultrasound support: arthrocentesis, intra-articular and soft tissue infiltration, abdominal fat tissue biopsy and of minor salivary glands.

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