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Cardiovascular intervention procedures

Did you know that...we have already started the cardiovascular intervention procedures? It was a diagnostic catheterisation performed in our hemodynamic laboratory. Catheterisation is a minimally invasive technique that determines the presence, location and size of obstructions in the coronary arteries. The HPM is the unit that performs the greatest diversity of Cardiology exams in RAM: Angio CT Cardiac, Cardiac MRI, Echo Cardiac, Transoesophageal Echo, Echo Stress, Effort Echo, ABPM, HOLTER, Effort Test and now also cardiovascular intervention procedures such as catheterisations. The visibly satisfied team explains: cardiac catheterisation is a procedure in which a small tube, called a catheter, is inserted through a large blood vessel in the arm or leg, which is then directed to the heart. The catheter makes it possible to measure pressure and oxygen levels within the heart chambers, thus evaluating the functioning of the heart and allowing you to decide precisely on the intervention to be followed.

Hemodinamic Unit

29, October 2019