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In-Patient Facilities

In total, our In-Patient capacity is 300 Beds among our five Hospital Units, comprising private suits, private rooms and semi-private rooms, always with 24 hour medical and nursing support as well as daily rehabilitation for the duration on the hospitalization period.

Our differentiation is the training of doctors , nurses and auxiliary staff as well as physiotherapists and other technical staff. 

Safety is the key factor in the care of hospitalized patients.

Tight internal rules exist which transmit total safety to the patient while in hospital.

The safety and satisfaction of our clients is of fundamental importance and essential for the In-Patient Service of the Hospital. 

All Rooms are equipped with:
  • Air conditoned;
  • Medicinal Gases throughout;
  • Entertainment system (Gambelas Unit):
    • Available in Various languages;
    • Free Internet access with XL Messenger and Youtube;
    • Digital TV;
    • Corporate TV;
    • Radio Channels;
    • Weather Forecasts;
    • Faro Airport Flight Details;
    • Games;
    • News;

The Suites, available only in the Faro Hospital, are equipped with:
  • 1 Hospital Bed;
  • 1 Sofa-bed (for family member if necessary);
  • Large Private Bathroom with separate shower area;
  • Cozier atmosphere;
  • Larger choice of Menu, as well as Gourmet option;
  • Table, desk, chairs and additional lighting;
  • 6 Door closet;
  • Telephone;
  • Television;
  • Access to free Wifi (wireless internet).

The Private Rooms are equipped with:
  • 1 Hospital Bed;
  • 1 Sofabed  for family member (when requested);
  • Private Bathroom;
  • 2 Door Closet;
  • Telephone;
  • Television;
  • Access to Wifi (wireless internet) Cards available from reception or bar. 

The Semi-Private Rooms are equipped with:
  • 2 Hospital beds (for patient’s use only);
  • Bathroom;
  • 1 Closet per patient;
  • 1 Telefone per bed;
  • Television;
  • Access to Wifi (wireless internet) Cards available from reception or bar. 

Useful Information

There are various ways of being admitted as an In-Patient:
  • Admission through Emergency Department;
  • By the Doctor in charge of the Patient;
  • Via the Out-Patients Department;
  • Transferred from another hospital;
  • By the patient himself if justified.

All patient who are admitted to our hospitals are always followed by a Medical Specialist together with the nursing team on duty.

What should you bring with you for a hospital admission:

Only your personal hygiene product, slippers and pajamas.

What you should not bring with you for a hospital admission: 

For hygiene and security purposes personal valuables should be left with a family member.  The hospital cannot be held responsible for lost personal objects. 
If this is not possible, you may ask one of our Auxiliaries to hand them to our Main Reception together with a descriptive list, where they will  be kept in our vault for safekeeping.

Hospital Discharge 

Once you have been Discharged from hospital, you must make your wasy to our Main Reception in order to finalize all administrative procedures. You will be given  the results of all exams which you were submitted to during your hospitalization, Medical Reports and  the Doctor’s Prescriptions together with the invoice referring to your admission. 


We believe that the patient is the most important element in the Hospital Particular do Algarve.  

In order to continuously improve the services we provide your opinion is important.  

We would therefore appreciate that you should complete one of the Questionnaires available. 

Hospital Visits

When visiting a family member or friend that is admitted to hospital it should be remembered that they are under medical supervision and therefore some factors should be taken into account.

The patients diet is controlled by professionals and food should not be brought to the hospital as it may influence the patients recovery.  The duty nurse should always be consulted before any type of foodstuff not provided by the hospital,  is given to a patient.

Flowers should not be kept in the room.

The number of visitors at any one time should be limited as excessive noise can trigger internal stress detrimental to the recovery of the patient.


Visiting Hours


Hospital Particular da Madeira - Funchal
Every day - 12am to 8pm

Admission to the in-patient unit – Adults

If admission to one of our Hospital Units / Services is planned, please read the following document, so that your stay with us is pleasant and comfortable, but above all, that it meets with your expectations and needs.