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Maternity - Hospital Particular da Madeira

To be Born at the Hospital Particular da Madeira

The Maternity of the Hospital Particular da Madeira is there to help in the birth of your most precious gift. 

The Maternity of the HPM, including the Delivery Room, are both situated on the 1st Floor, of the Woman’s Health Unit. 

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Hospital Particular da Madeira - Funchal
Every day - 12am to 8pm


NASCER HPM is a service designed to help future parents experience their pregnancy and role as parents in a full, safe and informed way.

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We have planned several training activities throughout the year, preparing the couple for the most important period of their lives: becoming parents. 

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Delivery Room 

The Delivery Room is equipped with all the human, physical and technological conditions, for safe quality care for women and babies. Personalized care is provided, respecting the needs and preferences of the pregnant couple.

The Delivery Room is part of the neonatal recovery unit and is equipped with the necessary human and technological resources, to care for the newborn.

A qualidade dos cuidados, a segurança e o acompanhamento contínuo, são a face desta Maternidade.

Clinical Staff

 Our clinical staff includes experienced Obstetricians / Gynecologists, Neonatologists and Anesthesiologists and the nursing staff include Specialist Nurses in Maternal and Obstetric Health and Pediatric and Children’s Health.  


 The Maternity is equipped with suites and private rooms with private bathrooms, each decorated with different themes. The couple can choose the suite or room with their favorite theme.

All rooms are fully equipped having excellent privacy and security conditions, to welcome the future mother, couple and baby.  The future mother may if she so wishes have someone stay with her at all times, as there are conditions available for a companion to remain during the night. The rooms have excellent hotel facilities, such as TV and internet.