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The Hospital Particular in Madeira has an Ambulance Service that operates 24/7.

To call for an ambulance and also for a quotation please ring +351 967 703 793.

Ambulance transport can be booked in two ways: by phone requesting external ambulance transport or internally for a patient admitted to the Hospital Particular da Madeira or the Madeira Medical Center.

The existing ambulances are classified as type A1 (transport) and are equipped according to current legislation, with transport and mobilization equipment, antiseptic material, defibrillators, monitors of vital parameters (invasive and non-invasive) as well as airway control and ventilation equipment.

Because the safety of our patients is essential, internal protocols have been put in place when activating the transport team.

Our team consists of an Ambulance Transport Crews, supported by nurses or doctors, depending on the individual situation. 

Our Ambulance Service supports the Hospital Particular da Madeira, and also the Madeira medical Center. Through this service, we are able to guarantee ambulance transport for our patients between the two units with the utmost convenience, safety and comfort.