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Clínica Particular do Algarve   
MAR Shopping Algarve · Loulé

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Community-oriented health care and full diagnostic imaging

This is the 16th unit and latest clinic of the HPA Health Group, located in Loulé, in the equally-new MAR Shopping Algarve. The development strategy has two key aims: the availability of the Permanent Care Unit (extended hours) and a comprehensive imagiology service with state-of-the-art technology. Dr Pedro Alves, Director of this unit takes us on a “guided tour”.

The Cliínica Particular do Algarve in Mar Shopping developed two important concepts: on the one hand, permanent care with extended hours and on the other hand, an imagiology service that can deal with nearly all specialised radiology exams.

Dr. Pedro Alves: Yes, it’s true. Although we have numerous specialties and services, Permanent Care and Imagiology are two strengths of this clinic, which on the whole, provide a community-oriented service, much like that of a family doctor, with the advantage of being able to have exams done immediately and with longer hours. In effect, we have a General Practitioner and Family Doctor every day (except Christmas Day and New Year’s Day), from 9am to 9pm including one of the most important diagnostic tools: radiology. 
This is a structured service that, allows our clients to benefit from a faster diagnosis. Speaking specifically about Imagiology, we have nearly every type of exam: CAT, mammography, ultrasound scans, orthopantomography, densitometry, and of course, X-rays. This coverage, as I have said, is extremely convenient for the patients but it is also a safeguard for the doctors. Another important advantage is that the radiology exams in the Clínica Particular do Algarve – Loulé have multiple agreements, namely with the National Health Service. This means that the client hands in the requisition, books the exams and pays in the usual way, just as with any public service or service attached to the Portuguese NHS. 

Are there any other complementary diagnostic resources/exams?
Dr. Pedro Alves: Certainly. We do clinical analyses daily, except Sundays, from 8 am to 11 pm. We also perform cardiopneumology exams and will soon be adding audiology. 

Dental consultations aided by orthopantomography and the smile + program are also important advantages of the clinic.
Dr. Pedro Alves:  Without doubt. Orthopantomography, also called a panoramic x-ray, is currently an essential tool for dentists, as it allows them to see the jaws, joints and all of the teeth, for an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. Important aspects for deciding on the treatment such as the condition of tooth eruption, dental abnormalities or fracture lines, assessment of bone mass, among others, is immediately detected and allows the dentist and patient together to evaluate which strategies are best for each case. What’s more, this is what the Smile+ program offers in the first consultation, precisely from the diagnosis of the panoramic x-ray. The first Smile+ consultation (costing €25) includes a panoramic x-ray, plaque removal and a treatment plan that can be financed up to 48 months. Financing or payment plans can be extended to other programs, namely for orthodontia (braces), tooth whitening or implants.

How would you describe the advantages of the Clínica Particular do Algarve in Mar Shopping?
Dr. Pedro Alves: It is a clinic with a full range of services, aimed at resolving serious health problems through its Permanent Care Service and its diagnostic exams, but also for preventive health through medical follow-ups in various specialities. It also has the advantage of being open daily with extended hours and being conveniently allied with other services or necessities. And of course, added to these physical and technological aspects, we have the most important aspect: human resources. We can count on a highly dedicated professional team that guarantees that all-important human touch.