III Symposium on pregnancy

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The Pregnancy Symposium is already in its 3rd edition. It was held on the 29th of September this year, again in Vilamoura at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. 
The motto chosen for this event by our team of professionals was "FOR A MORE CONSCIOUS LABOUR" and it had approximately one hundred participants.


The welcoming reception was held by Dr Ivone Lobo, Director of the Maternity Unit and Nurse Patrícia Sancho, Chief Nurse of the Maternity Unit of the Hospital Particular in Gambelas. The presentations were very comprehensive and interesting having gained the attention of all those participating.
"Walking Epidural", by Dr Maged Léon (Anaesthesiologist) and by Nurse Tito Félix (Maternal Health and Obstetrics Specialist) who both discussed the possibility of enjoying painless labour while at the same time maintaining freedom of movement.
Diet during pregnancy is always a subject that raises questions, and is still surrounded by some myths. Discussion by Nurse Alain Delgado (Maternal Health and Obstetrics Specialist) who focused on "Food during Labour: How to Gain More Energy?”
The "Umbilical Cord Stem Cells and its Use”, was discussed by “Bébé Vida Laboratory” Instructor Dr Sofia Baptista. 
During labour there are several reasons why an episiotomy is sometimes necessary or may even result in lacerations; these situations always provoke anxiety in the pregnant woman and the reason why the subject was approached by Dr Oriana Leça (Gynaecologist/Obstetrician and Maternal-Foetal Medicine Specialist): "Perineal Protection: The Impact in the Prevention of Episiotomies and Labour Lactations".
Natural caesarean is a subject that has gained interest from both professionals and also from future mothers; "And when the baby has to be born by Caesarean Section: Natural Caesarean a Family-Centred Approach" was the theme chosen by Dr Ivone Lobo and Nurse Patrícia Sancho. 
Increased glucose levels during pregnancy - Gestational Diabetes - may result in complications for the newborn infant, which may include macrosomia (excessive size of the baby), birth trauma, hypoglycaemia, and jaundice. In addition, women who develop Gestational Diabetes have an increased risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes in later years. Dr Andreia Cruz (Internist) discussed this important subject: "Gestational Diabetes - Myths and Realities".
During pregnancy a women’s body goes through many changes, including emotional changes and cognition, namely memory and concentration, which some authors have named "Baby Brain". Dr Marta Sobral (Gynaecologist / Obstetrician) was invited to discuss this topic "Baby Brain - Myths and Realities".
If the pregnant woman's body has its own language, the same applies to newborns. "The Language of Babies" was the theme chosen by Nurse Marta Cativo (Maternal Health and Obstetrics Specialist).
In the afternoon, this 3rd Pregnancy Symposium offered an innovation: Workshops aimed at Maternal Health Professionals. "Aromatherapy in Pregnancy and Labour" by Dr Esther de Léon Rodriguez (General and Family Medical Practitioner) and "The Rebozo Technique", by Nurse Raquel Cajão (Maternal Health and Obstetrics Specialist).