Human Papilloma Virus and Intra Epithelial Cervical Neoplasia: A cross-section study of female patients of a private Hospital in the Algarve

HPA Magazine 14


The Algarve has the highest incidence rate of cervical cancer in Portugal, combined with the lowest national average of vaccination against HPV (human papilloma virus). 
This cross-sectional study describes the vaccination status in women diagnosed with a CIN-type injury (Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia), and investigated the characteristics of the samples obtained in terms of age, risk factors and recurring injury.

Most women had CIN1 (initial injury), with recurrent injuries occurring in the first year after the first injury. No association was found between risk factors and the type of injury. However, the type of injury and the timing of vaccination (before or after the first injury) showed a significant association.
The study took place at the Maternity Unit of the HPA in Gambelas, in association with the HPA (Dr Ivone Lobo and Dr Oriana Leça), the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Liverpool (Prof. Rui Baptista-Gonçalves), the National School of Public Health (Dr Tiago Pinho-Bandeira) and the Faculty of Medicine of the Algarve University (UALg) (Prof. Ana Marreiros).