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Body contouring

HPA Magazine 15

Body contouring is one of the most important procedures in modern plastic surgery. This article will deal with surgeries such as liposuction, lipoabdominoplasty, brachioplasty, thigh lifting and buttock augmentation.
Localized fat and flaccidity, both in women and men, is a problem that affects different age groups and motivates a visit to the plastic surgeon.
The UpClinic team is specialized in this type of surgery and has created a unique concept of Bodysculpting, which it has now introduces at UP HPA.
Combining technology that has achieves proven results with the experience of its surgeons, is the foundation of this innovative concept, which can be used in different surgeries.
In terms of the gold standard body contour surgery, it only makes sense to begin the procedure, aided by vibro-liposuction, laser, VASER® (ultrasound) or internal radiofrequency, in a personalized combination, according to the type of tissue of each individual. 

We have recently observed an evolution in the quality results of liposuction. The muscle definition, natural look and dynamics as well as the recovery period after surgery are unique.
This technique, created by the Colombian Plastic Surgeon Dr. Alfredo Hoyos, is possible through a deep knowledge of the human anatomy and proper handling of the fatty tissue. Here, the surgeon's experience and common sense are paramount.
In this type of surgery, postoperative recovery is essential and we have a support network of beauticians and dermato-functional physiotherapists throughout the Algarve with whom we are in permanent contact.

First performed by the Brazilian surgeon Osvaldo Saldanha and perfected by the American surgeon Simeon Wall, lipoabdominoplasty brought together liposuction and abdominoplasty, something which was unthinkable a few years ago.
This surgery is especially indicated for those who have extra skin in the abdominal region and extra flaccidity. This surgery removes excess skin, reconstructs the abdominal wall, beautifies the navel and when associated with liposuction, sculpts the female or male silhouette.
After pregnancy, women undergo major body changes. Among them an increase in flaccidity, the known muscle diastasis and often the accumulation of localized fat. It is precisely for these cases that lipoabdominoplasty is indicated.
Often, these circumferential procedures of the abdomen are combined with breast surgery, we then talk about a global body remodelling, or a mommy makeover.
Circumferential liposculptures with or without abdominoplasty are highly transformative and rejuvenating, constituting the gold standard of body contouring surgery.

Body contouring surgeries obviously include remodelling of the arms and thighs. Contrary to what one might think, these are delicate and technically demanding surgeries.
Liposuction associated with the removal of excess skin is used when necessary.
With the aim of compensating flaccidity and stimulating neo collagenases, minimally invasive radio frequency, lipolaser or ultrasound (VASER®) should be included in surgery of the arms and thighs.
Due to the typical flaccidity of these areas, the evolution in technology has been particularly important in avoiding undesirable scars (in non-severe cases of flaccidity), especially in the arms and inner thighs. 

When we mention body balance, this article would not be complete if we did not mention the current hot topic on plastic surgery: the butt.
Increasingly, women and men pay attention to their butt and plastic surgery has very interesting solutions for these problems.
We point out the importance of using fat to increase and enhance the shape of the buttock.
Through the techniques already mentioned in this article, unwanted body fat is drawn from another part of the body and, instead of being wasted, the fat is reintroduced into the buttock to both increase volume and definition. 
Due to resorption 30% to 50% of volume is lost, however the results obtained are a deep remodelling of the buttock. 
The use of implants, alone or in conjunction with body fat, has also obtained good results in patients with little adipose tissue.
In patients with heavy weight loss, through advanced techniques, the prostheses used are the patient’s own tissue, also performed at UP HPA.
Preoperative preparation begins with a consultation to evaluate the patient’s needs, various pre-op exams, including analysis and detailed planning with the aid of three-dimensional simulation techniques.
After the surgery, the postoperative recovery begins, which includes mandatory monitoring by a dermato-functional physiotherapy team and beauticians, to work the tissues and minimize fibroses, nodules and irregularities that might arise in these cases.
It is important to highlight the extensive international training of our surgical team, that over the years have performed over two thousand cases of body contouring surgeries alone.
The privilege that we feel in having the capacity to transform both the female and male body, but above all to transform people’s lives, is so striking, that it leads us to emphasize that Bodysculpting, is one of the preferred liposculpture techniques practiced by our team.