Dr. André Laureano




Dr. André Laureano

Latest generation laser technology in dermatology

HPA Magazine 16

The Dermatology Consultation at the HPA in Alvor has had since April last, the most advanced LASER technology in Dermatology & Dermo-Aesthetics.

The top-of-the-range LASER equipment available, is Fotona Starwalker® and Fotona SP Dynamis®, both developed by Fotona, specialist and world leader in LASER equipment. Not only are these lasers more powerful, they are above all more versatile, efficient and safe.

Tecnologia laser de última geração em dermatologia

Patient with melasma resistant to all types of depigmentants and peelings. Treated with two Laser Starwalker sessions

Starwalker® technology makes it possible to break down skin pigments into smaller particles, making elimination easier, while allowing even larger spots to be treated with positive results.
We wish to highlight the effectiveness of tattoo removal, that requires fewer sessions by the Frac Tat mode.
The treatment provides excellent results & no downtime period for melasma, sun lentigines (spots), rosacea, pores and rejuvenation.
This technology uses a multifunctional system that combines four different wavelengths and the QX MAX system (580 pico second micropulses) factors that permit greater precision, versatility and safety.
On the other hand, Fotona SP Dynamis® is more of a system than an isolated LASER, as it combines several emitters and uses two distinct LASERS: an ablation LASER (Er-YAG), which acts on skin surface imperfections, and a Vascular LASER (Nd-YAG), which treats deeper skin structures without damaging the epidermis.
The possibilities of SP Dynamis® include the treatment of active acne and acne scars (marks), rosacea (active inflammatory and vascular), telangiectasias of the face and neck (small veins), spider veins of the lower limbs, stretch marks and nail fungus. It also acts as a surgical LASER to effectively and comfortably treat keratoses, warts or skin tags. It also allows excellent results in ablative (resurfacing) and non-ablative rejuvenation, in this case using the internationally popular Fotona 4D (non-surgical LASER lift) made famous by Hollywood stars and famous influencers, as well as the SMOOTH EYES and LIP LASE protocols. All used in safety and close follow-up after the procedures.
The combination of these two top notch lasers are both of an international quality level, where we must also add the dermatological laser by Dr. André Laureano, a nationally and internationally renowned specialist in the area of cutaneous oncology and dermoscopy as well as confocal microscopy, resulting in the Dermatology Consultation available at the HPA in Alvor one of the most specialized and complete in the country in this area.



LASER mais evoluída na área da Dermatologia e Dermo-Estética.