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Eng. João Pimenta

Because the health of the people in the Alentejo is also of particular importance
Hospital Particular do Alentejo · Sines

HPA Magazine 16

I recall this HPA motto to reinforce that the new Hospital Particular do Alentejo - Sines, which began operating on the 13th of May, has a history context and a vision. It is interesting that it was also on the 13th of May, 25 years ago, that the Hospital Particular do Algarve was founded.
Because the health of residents and visitors to the Algarve, Madeira and Alentejo is of Particular Importance. Because private hospitalization is an essential component of a National Health System and that there are already more private hospitals than in the public sector. Because the number of Portuguese people who have opted for health insurance to access private hospitals already exceeds 2 million.

Quando se nasce com muita história


For all these reasons, the first Private Hospital in the Alentejo in Sines was inaugurated. As in Madeira, where we also built from scratch the first private hospital on an existing solid clinical project (the Madeira Medical Center), the Hospital Particular do Alentejo is also built incorporating the backing of a project with more than 40 years success in the Coastal Region of the Alentejo. During the past 4 years, the HPA Group, through CLÍDIS, has been developing a  health project in the region, with the opening of 4 proximity clinics (Milfontes, Odemira, São Teotónio and Beja), reorganizing and doubling the capacity of the Clinic in Sines, tripling the number of specialist consultations, creating a permanent medical service and installing the first MRI equipment in the region.

The Hospital Particular do Alentejo – Sines, now also with two Operating Theatres, 7 private Inpatient rooms, an Intermediate Care Unit, a cycle has closed and another stage has now opened.
Cervantes wrote, in Don Quixote, “the road is worth more than the inn”. This path does not end with the opening of a Hospital. Far beyond the construction of a building and the installation of new equipment, building a Hospital is to “build” interconnected teams, with a spirit of union and a common path of continuous improvement not only of the organization, but also of the individual.
I want to thank all employees and professional staff involved with the HPA Alentejo for their commitment and professionalism. It would not be possible without everyone's collaboration. We may still have a long way to go, but it has been a privilege to share it with everyone.