First symposium on pregnancy

HPA Magazine 7

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We’ve done the math and concluded that we assembled around 200 people at the 1st Symposium on Pregnancy held on 22 October at the Hotel Crown Plaza in Vilamoura.
And there were! Expectant mothers numbered 75, each one with at least one baby, and many accompanied by the respective fathers. 
According to our partner, Bebé Vida, this meeting was perhaps the most special, not only for the significant number of participants they managed to bring together, but also for the environment that was created and felt. For this success, the contribution of all of the participants was key and we thank everyone for their commitment and professionalism.

The special guest was Gustavo Santos, who gave a talk called “What Sort of Parents Do We Want to Be?” and also held an autograph session for his latest book, “Ama-te” (Love Yourself).
The event also hosted presentations of other themes that helped clear up doubts, calm fears and correct myths: Umbilical Cord – A Possibility of a Cure that Exists Inside of Us (Bebé Vide Laboratory); Labour (Nurse Patricia Sancho); The Pelvic Floor and the Expectant Mother – Injury Prevention and Incontinence (Nurse Patrícia Sancho ad Dr. Oriana Leça); Successful Breastfeeding: The First Days with the Baby (Nurse Elsa Valente); and Being a Mother: Relaxation Techniques Through Meditation for the Parents (Sofia Lima).
There were also lots of gifts handed out by the participating partners, as well as several prizes: prenatal massage; emotional ultrasound; a pre-childbirth course; and a stem sell kit.
The event earned an evaluation of Excellent by more than 90% of the participants enrolled and who responded to the enquiry, with the most prevalent critique/suggestion being: “congratulations” and “do it again next year”. 
What more could we ask for? Best wishes and good health for all of the babies.